Is your bag ready for the season?

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Did you leave your clubs in the garage all winter? Yeah, we all did. Now time has come to clean the dust on these head covers, throw the bag in the trunk and hit the range. However, before teeing it up, there are a few things you should do to make sure your gear is as ready as you are to get the season kicked off.

      1)   Make sure your wedges are still good;

The short game is where you can improve your score dramatically but in order to do that, you need the right tools. If your wedges are all rusty or have too many dents near the grooves, they are not helping you improve at all. Try and slide the tip of a tee through every groove and if the tee gets stuck on most of them, time to get rid of them.

     2)   Check your grips;

Grips are some of the most underrated components in a golf bag while they really shouldn’t be. They are where your hands make contact with the clubs and can’t be slippery or used. Having the right grips as far as size is also very important. Stock grips might look nice but you need to have a good feel when you hold a club. It is therefore very important to have this checked before you begin your season.    

      3)   Test your shafts;

If your clubs have been used for a few years and been left unused for a full winter, they can be very fragile and even weak in certain spots. In order to avoid having a broken shaft when taking your first divot of the year, make sure they are still playable by slightly bending them. If you hear a cracking noise on certain shafts, these need to be changed asap.

     4)   Don’t play with new balls;

The first few strikes of the season are never your best, period. Few sore muscles, 14 different swing thoughts and a solid headache are all going to be experienced when hitting your first bucket of balls or in your first 9 of the season. Don’t you think a second that you’ll be striking it at the flag on every hole, it’s just not going to happen. To avoid tingling in your hands from hitting it thin and therefore wayward, pull out the good-old recycled balls from the bag and don’t even bother hitting the new sleeve you just got, you’ll thank us later.

    5)   Make sure your bag will hold;

A golf bag carries all your gear, it can’t be all pierced, worn out and decolorized. Make sure that all the zips are functional and that the stands are still solid if you’re carrying your bag. Don’t forget to keep your rain hood in the side pocket, you don’t want your clubs to get rusty because you forgot to keep it in the bag during a rainy day.

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